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Our goal

The only solution that provides you with a real-time and tailor-made monitoring solution for both your indoor and outdoor air.

Our recognition

Indoor air can be up to 8 times more polluted than outdoor air and is responsible for millions of deaths every year.

It's time to act against this invisible killer.

Our proposition

We provide you with unique guidance and efficient solutions to help you improve your air quality and reduce your daily exposure to air pollution.

Our approach in 2 minutes

Your air quality at a glance

Pando2 centralizes and analyzes all air quality information at and around your premises.

Air Quality Diagnosis

Continuous measurement of your indoor air quality and determination of your exposure levels per room, clearly and simply showcased by our platform.

Simple and automated exposure tracking

Automated tracking and monitoring of your exposure to air pollution, tailor-made action plans to improve your air quality with the quantification of the associated results thanks to our interactive and customizable App.

Improved indoor air quality

Personalized advices, implementation of remediation solutions and integrated communication solutions through our public pages.

An advanced technology

  • The first application allowing the monitoring and management of both indoor and outdoor air quality
  • The first application allowing you to integrate any micro-sensors of the market (already 9 manufacturers and more than 16 parameters)
  • Automated calculation of containment (ICONE index) and generation of pollution exposure tracking reports
  • Intelligent and efficient control of your HVAC systems
  • Calculation of a contagion risk index in real time per room

Improved health and cognitive functions

Compliance with latest regulations and most demanding labels

(Well, etc.)

Intelligent and efficient management of your HVAC installations

Optimized energy consumption

Improved employer brand

Improved well-being through biophilia

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